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7 febbraio 2010

The Great Dragon:[…] you will need a spell more powerful than anything you know.
Merlin: Please. I have to try.
The Great Dragon: Very well, but you must give me something in return.
Merlin: What?
The Great Dragon: A promise.
Merlin: A promise?
The Great Dragon: That one day you will free me.
Merlin: If I release you, what will you do?
The Great Dragon: That is not your concern.
Merlin: I don’t trust you.
The Great Dragon: Nevertheless, you must promise, or […] (it) will fall.
Merlin: I promise. Now, please, give me the spell.
The Great Dragon: Close your eyes and open your mind. Few men have ever been gifted such knowledge. Use it wisely.
Merlin: I will.
The Great Dragon: You made a promise, young warlock. And one day… I shall keep you to it.

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